Lilikoi Jelly ~ Passion Fruit

Colorful Lilikoi Passion fruit, or lilikoi as we know it in Hawaii is a unique fruit with a pleasantly sweet and tart flavor.  The most common varieties are yellow and purple and they can be found in some of our health food stores on Maui.  They have a tough, waxy and smooth rind yet once you cut through the hard outer skin, the most amazing scent envelops the air.  Once cut in half, you might wonder what all the fuss is about.  Be patient.  You will find an aromatic gelatinous seed filled pulp with a fragrance that is hard to describe.  “Sublime” might hit the right note. An important step at the start of the jelly making process is to select a good recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and set the volume to “eleven” ala Spinal Tap!

Cut Lilikoi Using a spoon remove the pulp from the rind.  You can strain the seeds out as we do to make juice for the jelly.  The pulp from the fruit can be eaten as is, seeds and all.

Lilikoi pulp

Oxo If you have a food mill this is a good opportunity to use it.  Scrape the pulp into the mill and turn, turn, turn.  Soon you will have your 2 1/2 cups of lilikoi juice.


Boiling lilkoi juice Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring constantly with a long wooden spoon.

Lilikoi Jellies

Lilikoi Toast A few pats of butter on your favorite toast with a spoonful of lilikoi jelly.  It’s divine.

Lilikoi Jelly

Updated 11/02/14 (increased lilikoi juice to 2 1/2 cups)

Makes 8 half pint jars


2 1/2 cups lilikoi juice (about 4 1/2 – 5 pounds of fresh lilikoi) or frozen, unsweetened passion fruit pulp  (Goya brand)

1 1/2 cups water

7 1/2 cups sugar

6 ounces liquid pectin (2 pouches Certo brand)


Prepare canner and canning jars.

Combine juice, water and sugar in a large, tall pot.  Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring constantly.  Immediately add liquid pectin and bring to a full, rolling boil.  Boil rapidly for 1 minute, stirring constantly.

Remove from the heat, skim off foam (use a small fine mesh strainer) and pour into sterilized jars leaving 1/8 – 1/4 inch space between the jelly and rim of the jar.  Secure 2 part lids and process for 5 minutes in boiling water canner.

***Basic canning instructions can be found here.

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81 Responses to Lilikoi Jelly ~ Passion Fruit

  1. LIANNA says:

    I just made this and it turned out perfect. beautiful. I find it a little sweet though, so is there any way to use a little less sugar? Thanks. Otherwise the color and everything is just perfect. A real simple jelly once you get the juice! Aprox. how many pieces of fruit do you need to make 2 cups juice? Mahalo

  2. Kiyo says:

    Hi Lianna, Thank you for your comment. This recipe is adapted from two different sources. One of which is the recipe my friend’s mother uses. Her recipe uses a bit less sugar (6 1/2 cups) and slightly different proportions of liquid (2 cups juice, 1 1/2 cups water) with same amount of liquid pectin. Tamoe’s jelly is a bit softer and makes fewer jars. We found another recipe from the book Fruits of Hawaii and they use more juice and less water (3 cups juice, 1 cup water) and 7 1/2 cups of sugar however the amount of lilikoi juice seemed too intense. We settled on our current recipe which we feel is ideal. Give Tamoe’s recipe a try next time and see if it’s more to your liking. Sorry I didn’t count the lilikoi I used, just weighed them. Next time I’ll do that! Thanks again and aloha! Kiyo

    • Lucy Rogge says:

      Can I use orange juice instead of water? Also, I have the powder Pectin, and each batch calls for 3 Tbs. What you think?

      • Kiyo says:

        Hi Lucy! Lilikoi juice is very full-flavored so water is added to dilute the juice. I would not recommend using orange juice but stick with the original recipe. Also liquid and powdered pectin are not interchangeable in this particular recipe (they are added at different stages). Here is a link that explains the difference between the two:
        Hope you give the recipe a try. It’s our favorite jelly!

        • Lucy Rogge says:

          I did use orange juice instead of water and I did use powdered pectin. I used the pectin with the juice and added the sugar after it boiled. I used water with the second batch and the one with orange juice turned out a little better. There was more flavor, but the one with added water turned out good also. I didn’t have the liquid Certo, so used sure-jel and just prepared it different, same results.

          • Kiyo says:

            Hi Lucy! Great! Good to know that both your batches of jelly turned out well. I always stuck with the liquid pectin since I never see powdered pectin in lilikoi jelly recipes. Do you grow your own lilikoi? It makes the best tasting jelly!

  3. LIANNA says:

    Aloha Kiyo! I tried your recipe with 6.5 cups sugar and it turned out great! It was wonderful, perfect I would say! Thanks for that. The color is just beautiful also. I am going to make more right now! yummy. Mahalo from Hawaii, Lianna

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Lianna,
      Great! I’m glad it turned out. I will try Tomoe’s recipe again this weekend. There’s nothing better than fresh lilikoi jelly, it’s so fragrant and delicious. Do you have fresh mangoes? We have been making mango-strawberry jam. Delicious!
      Thanks again for the update!

  4. Linda says:

    The recipe sounds great and easy…just need clarification on the 1 3/4 cups of water. Is that added to the lilikoi/sugar prior to boiling? Thanks, Linda

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Linda! Yes this recipe is very easy and there’s nothing like the scent of lilikoi in your home when your making this jelly. The juice and the water are combined and added at the same time. Aloha!

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Linda, Thank you! I added the water to the preparation section of the recipe.

  5. Sandy says:

    Have you ever made pectin from the lilikoi rind/shell? I have heard this is an option.

    • Kiyo says:

      Aloha Sandy! A friend of my husband made a lilikoi jam in which she threw the shells in with the pulp. She threw the seeds in and all! It wasn’t an ideal solution (the seeds are quite large) and the jam was on the softer side. I read on another blog that someone tried lilikoi jelly without using pectin. She included other fruit juices that contain a lot of pectin but it didn’t firm up. If you give it a try please let me know how it turns out!

  6. rossinhawaii says:

    I have had both success and dismal failure using the shells to make Lilikoi jam. Each time I used the same recipe and the first time we had the most heavenly jam on earth. The second time the jam didn’t set and had an awful off-taste. I ended up dumping 24 small bottles.
    I have just squeezed 4 cups of juice from the last of my lilikoi vines and I’m going to use your recipe. Wish me luck!
    Oh, try saving some of the seeds to put in your jam; while unconventional they are quite tasty.

    • Kiyo says:

      Oh no! Having to say goodbye to 24 bottles of lilikoi jelly would be terrible! I hope it turned out this time. Please let me know how your latest batch of jelly turned out. I haven’t had a bad batch of jelly with this recipe. Good luck!!!

  7. rossinhawaii says:

    I watched carefully as the jelly set up and when I turned a jar over and it was firm I squealed with joy! I have already given away half of it and we enjoyed it with fresh bread for breakfast. I still have enough juice for another batch!
    Thanks for the great recipe.

    • Kiyo says:

      Oh I’m so glad to hear your jelly turned out perfect!!! They do make great gifts and family and friends adore lilikoi jelly. It’s our favorite jelly too because the flavor of the lilikoi is not lost after the canning process (such as mango jam). Happy canning!

  8. Joyce says:

    do you have a recipe for lilikoi butter??

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Joyce,
      I haven’t tried lilikoi butter yet however I’ve been searching for a good recipe to try out. I’d like to can the lilikoi butter. If you come across a good recipe please let me know! Mahalo, Kiyo

      • Moani says:

        Aloha Kiyo- I just made lilikoi butter. The first batch was so simple I had to make more. It was very delicious, I followed the HELCO recipe on-line. I just googled lilikoi butter and that was the one that came up. I can’t wait to make your jelly recipe. I just got more fruit and have enough juice to make one batch with your recipe. I should make it this week since my family is visiting from the mainland and this will be a good treat to take back. Thanks for posting your recipe!

        • Kiyo says:

          Hi Moani! I’ve been meaning to make a batch of lilikoi butter. Thank you for suggesting HELCOs recipe. May I ask if you canned the butter or just refrigerated? If you canned it how long did you process it? We just made a batch of lilikoi pepper (Hawaiian) jelly. The recipe for the lilikoi jelly is so easy and yes, your family will be thrilled to take a jar home after visiting with you. Mahalo!

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Kiyo,
    Thanks for this excellent recipe. I just finished making 4 batches and they all came out great. I made a variation of putting ¼ cup lilikoi seeds as part of the 2 cups of juice, because they look wonderful, are fun to crunch on, taste good to me, and are full of health benefits.
    I thought the balance of tart with sweet is right on for me, which I was concerned about at the outset. It’s the first time making passion fruit jam – which is called maracuja where I currently live, in Brazil. I searched online through several recipes last night and decided on this one, divining it’s efficacy and divinity – you spoke with such love and respect for his fruit, I thought you were doing by it right. And I based using your recipe on my experience of 40 years of jam making in the US. I’m a big Certo fan.
    What a blessing to have a need like a Passion Fruit recipe and finding it so relatively easily and quickly and having great results the next day. The combination of internet information availability and generosity of folks like you, Kiyo makes life wonderful. Your pics and instructions were beautiful and inspiring, as well as easy to follow.
    Sending much love and gratitude,
    PS I’ve been making Mango Passion Fruit Jam this year and it’s been very popular and a great seller in my little art and craft gallery. It’s super yummy. Now I will have taste tests for the difference in the two. Tonight however I’m headed to putting my feet up. We’ve canned 200 jars of Mango Passion Fruit and 32 jars of Passion Fruit over the past 3 days. And yes, I feel happy and proud looking at our production, however much my “puppies” are yipping (ouchy feet!). Life is good!

    • Kiyo says:

      Greetings from Maui Karen! Thank you for your comments about the lilikoi jelly recipe. I’m so glad you found this recipe to be the perfect balance of sweet and tart. We love it! There’s something so special about lilikoi. Once you cut open the fruit the scent is amazing. We have two mango trees in our garden so we will experiment with mango passion fruit jam this summer. We added lilikoi juice to a few batches of mango jam in the past however I think we need to add just a touch more. Wow! 200 jars of jam within 3 days. That’s a lot of canning! I enjoyed looking at your garden pictures. Send me a photo of your jam/jelly making. Mahalo!

  10. Diana says:

    Mahalo for the delicious and very easy lilikoi jelly recipe and instructions. Everybody who got a jar loved it and all are asking when I’m going to make more. I never knew how easy jelly was!

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Diana! I’m glad to hear that your lilikoi jelly was a hit. There’s something so unique about this little fruit. I never get tired of cutting one open and having its fragrant scent fill the air. We make a few batches each summer and give them away as gifts throughout the year. Everyone falls in love with this jelly. Thanks for visiting My Lilikoi Kitchen blog!

      • Diana says:

        Aloha Kiyo. Well here I am again this time making lilikoi jelly for my sister’s birthday gift.. It’s the only gift she wants. Can’t wait for lilikoi season to get here.. Mahalo again for the delicious recipe. Do you have other recipes posted? Diana

        • Kiyo says:

          Aloha Diana! I agree with your sister. Lilikoi jelly is the best gift. Do you have mangos? I posted a mango jam recipe, as well as a mango-pineapple jam recipe. Where do you live?

  11. Glori Ortiz says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog , we were in Maui a few weeks ago and lilikoi happens to be my favorite fruit in the whole wide world! I grew up in Puerto Rico eating passion fruit , so on our recent trip to Maui I was delighted to find lilikoi and many other delicious fruits and veggies at the Farmers Market in Kihei, I was there every other day , seriously! Having a major withdrawal right now since it’s so hard to find here in the bay area , and when you do is soooo expensive! Aloha from San Jose,CA

    • Kiyo says:

      Aloha Glori! I wish I had the chance to meet up with you while you were here on Maui. Our lilikoi (passion fruit) vines have been providing lots of fruit this summer. Which Farmers Market in Kihei did you go to? I noticed lilikoi at one of the grocery stores here, selling for $4.99 per pound yet at another market $2.99 per pound. I visit San Francisco every year. Let me know if I can bring you a jar of lilikoi jelly. Mahalo! Kiyo

      • Glori Ortiz says:

        Aloha Kiyo!
        How sweet of you!That would’ve been great! I wish I could grow them here succesfully! The Farmers Market we visited is the one on Kihei Rd ( 61 S Kihei Rd) next to the ABC store and Sugar Beach Bake Shop. We found lilikoi there for $1.99 pound .Mahalo for your kind offer for lilikoi jelly, I would love that !!! Let me know next time you visit SF, it would be nice to meet you! I’m sure I could get you some local yummy goodie that you would absolutely love so we can trade 😉 Take care!

        • Kiyo says:

          Wow! $1.99 per pound is the best deal! I haven’t been to the Farmers Market but I will check it out. I’ll let you know when I’ll be in the Bay Area again. Aloha, Kiyo

  12. Carol Swift says:

    Delicious receipe. I have made two batches. First was with 2 c lilikoi juice with 1 3/4 water and the second 2 l/2 c lilikoi and 1 cup water. I preferred the second better. I used 6 l/2 cups sugar in both. Is there any way proportion wise to decrease the sugar a bit more. I would like it more tart. Would I decrease the pectin also? Not sure how to adjust proportions. Wonderful recipe. I love it!!! Hope to hear back with some help. We have passion fruit trees here in San Diego and I gotta keep on making that jelly.

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Carol! Thanks for your note. If you prefer the jelly more on the tart side you could increase the lilikoi juice and decrease the water or maybe add a bit of fresh lemon juice. I wouldn’t decrease the sugar any more or adjust the pectin since those two ingredients are vital in ensuring your jelly sets nicely. We freeze lilikoi juice in 2 cup portions so they’re ready to go when we have time to make jelly. Have you tried making lilikoi butter? Happy canning!

  13. Kiyo says:

    Hi Jody ~ We added about 10 Hawaiian chili peppers to this recipe (seeds removed and chopped finely) to make lilikoi pepper jelly. The Hawaiian chili peppers are really hot however you can add more if you want to!

  14. Kiyo says:

    Aloha! I increased the lilikoi juice from 2 cups to 2 1/2 cups and decreased the water to 1 1/2 cups for a total of 4 cups liquid. It worked out great! Thank you Carol for the tip and to everyone who has tried the recipe and loves lilikoi!

  15. NancyFerguson says:

    Is there any reason I can’t use the dark purple passionfruit instead of the yellow?

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Nancy! You can certainly use the purple variety. Either one works fine, and tastes divine. Happy canning! Aloha, Kiyo

      • NancyFerguson says:

        Thank you. I live in a retirement community with a passionfruit vine on a fence that I don’t think anyone appreciates. So I’m going to STEAL some of the fruit. I appreciate your help

        • Kiyo says:

          Hi Nancy, thanks for your reply. Good luck and I won’t tell!

        • Kiyo says:

          Nancy where do you live? Good luck with your jelly making!

          • NancyFerguson says:

            I live in Thousand OAks, CA but for ten years I had the glorious honor of living in Kona. That was, alas, almost twenty years ago. I was a scuba diver, so I enjoyed both the above and below the water world. Wonderful memories.

            I’ve never made jelly before. Thanks for the “good luck” wishes.

          • Carol Hayes says:

            I live in San Diego. My son planted two passionfruit vines in my yard. They cover one side of my whole house almost now. I am addicted to making jelly. I have added other things to it. Such as papaya or mango pulp. It also adds a new flavor I have the purple. It takes a lot of juice out of the fruit to make jelly. I do not use the pulp and the seeds. I do eat that though.

          • NancyFerguson says:

            ….and for keeping my secret!

  16. Kiyo says:

    Hi Nancy – Wow, 10 years in Kona, wonderful! Making jelly is pretty easy. If you invest a small amount of money in a water bath canner, I’m sure you’ll make good use of it with lilikoi jelly as well as other jams and pickles too. I highly recommend purchasing a food mill. It is the quickest, cleanest way to remove the juice from the seeds and pulp of lilikoi fruit. We freeze the juice and make jelly all year long. Aloha!

  17. Kiyo says:

    Aloha Carol! The purple lilikoi are so beautiful. I only have the yellow variety but someone mentioned that the purple fruit have a darker interior. Either way, lilikoi is divine! It’s amazing how just a few plants can take over a fence. Not sure if my neighbors love it though! Happy jelly making!

  18. NancyFerguson says:

    MAybe you’ve watched the weather news and know that So. Cal. had a cold spell. Yes, very cold.
    In fact it froze all our passionfruit vines. So all my plans for passionfruit jelly are on hold in the hope the vines will regenerate. What little fruit I had picked has been juiced and in the freezer but it’s only 1/2 cup; the jars tucked are away for, hopefully, future use. Sigh.

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Nancy! I’m bummed that your passion fruits are on hold due to the cold weather conditions. Can I send you a jar of our homemade passion fruit jelly? Though this is considered our “winter season” the temperature is in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s in Hawaii right now and the lilikoi (passion fruit) are going wild. I’m hoping that once your weather warms up, the passion fruit will come back to life and you will be able to collect that beautiful juice and make some jelly! Aloha, Kiyo

      • NancyFerguson says:

        What a sweet (!) offer….I’d love it but the jelly I was (supposedly) making was for gifts since I can’t have the sugar. I looked at the vines today. They are so sad. I think the plants will survive but the leaves will go.

        Thanks again.

        • Kiyo says:

          Hi Nancy,
          I hope all is well with you! Have you been growing any fruits lately? I hope your landscapers are taking good care of your garden!

  19. Annette Kakazu says:

    Planted 2 vines last May… Over 500 fruit. Have you ever read the Brazilian studies that suggest all parts of the lilikoi have uses? A powder from the peels is said to have lots of medicinal qualities. After 6 lilikoi chiffon pies, and 2 cheesecakes, I just finished making butter… Thanks for the jelly recipes.

    • Kiyo says:

      Aloha Annette! Wow! Do you live in Hawaii? I have not read the Brazilian studies but I will definitely check it out. Please share your lilikoi recipes. I have not made lilikoi butter yet but it sounds divine!

      • Annette says:

        I live in Wahiawa, which is the center of Oahu. We get ALOT of rain. Planted the vines last May, stellar crop. I am still refining the butter recipe, and will post it after the next batch. I have figured out that if you freeze the fruit then thaw, it is easier to get all the pulp out

        • Kiyo says:

          Hi Annette! I look forward to your lilikoi butter recipe. I haven’t tried this yet. Unfortunately I am lactose intolerant so I am unable to eat most dairy products, most of all, butter! My friend’s mother made lilikoi butter and my husband loved it. I would like to make it for my family and friends. Lilikoi has a unique and beautiful fragrance like no other fruit. My freezer is full of lilikoi juice. Do you use a food mill to extract the juice from the fruit? Here in Kihei, Maui, it is dry but our vines grow wild. Please keep in touch. I look forward to your new lilikoi butter recipe!

          • Annette says:

            Still working on the butter recipe, so far your jam recipe is winning out in the votes by the family elders(my husband in Hawaiian)…. they keep sending jars back and saying fill them up (LOL)

  20. Kiyo says:

    Annette I’m glad the jelly is a hit! We love it too. At least the jars are being recycled!

    • NancyFerguson says:

      So sad: As I think I told you, we had a freeze here in SOCAL. Well, the idiots in charge here at the retirement home, in their wisdom, instead of cutting back the vines, pulled them all up! I never had enough fruit to make jelly.

      Maybe it was for the best since I really shouldn’t have the sugar. Sigh.

      • Kiyo says:

        Aloha Nancy – Oh no! That’s so sad about the lilikoi plants. They don’t even like being cut back too drastically. I think our neighbor’s gardner trimmed one of our vines back (it does take over the fence!) and it didn’t make it. Your idea of making jelly for your friends was so thoughtful. Are there any mango trees near by?!!!

        • NancyFerguson says:

          No mangos but a few year ago I talked the powers that be into planting a couple of lemon trees. They are healthy and I harvest them for me and my neighbors.
          Lemon bars and lemonade!!!

          • Kiyo says:

            Nancy, lemon bars sound delicious! Lemon meringue pie? My mom used to make the best pies. Happy baking!

  21. Jeannette Fukuzawa says:

    Aloha! My lilikoi vine is producing its second round of fruit. I want to preserve some juice and take it with me to the mainland. Any suggestions? Could I put it in jam jars without sugar or pectin and then in a hot bath to seal the jars?

  22. Alison Terry says:

    Kiyo, My fiancee is addicted to Lilikoi syrup. When I try to make it it comes out too runny. Do you have a recipe for Lilikoi syrup that is thick?


    • Kiyo says:

      Aloha Alison: We have not made lilikoi syrup, but from what I understand it is basically a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water) with either lilikoi juice or pulp added). Most recipes on line are 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water and a half cup lilikoi juice or pulp. The mixture is then simmered for 10 to 15 minutes until it thickens. So you start with 2 1/2 cups and end up with about 1 1/2 cups. If it is still not thick enough, simmer a bit longer. If you use pulp then you have to strain it afterwards. if you use pre-strained juice this step is unnecessary.

  23. Shannon says:

    I followed your recipe & doubled the recipe, it turned out perfect & delicious, mahalo.

    • Kiyo says:

      Aloha Shannon ~ Wonderful! Sixteen jars of pure deliciousness. Lilikoi jelly is our favorite. Do you live in Hawaii or have access to mangos? If so, give the mango-pineapple jam a try. It’s sweet-tart and chunky consistency is delightful. Mahalo!

      • Annette says:

        Followed receive, have some that didn’t jell. Any suggestions

        • Kiyo says:

          Hi Annette ~ I’m not sure why some of your jelly did not set. I have never experienced individual jars not setting up. However it sometimes takes longer for an entire batch to set up. Place the jars of jelly in the refrigerator, that should help a bit.

  24. Manfred Jonas says:

    Aloha Kiyo,
    Do you have the recipe for the bread with the Illinois jam on top?
    I believe it is the one your husband bakes, and you gave me the sample once.

  25. Robin says:

    Thank you for the receipe! I just made three batches for Christmas gifts from a friend who has a ton of fruit rotting on the ground because she didn’t really know what to do with it! I went and gathered as much as I could and now have wonderful jelly!! It’s so good! And after processing the fruit it was really easy!
    Thank you,

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Robin
      Glad you like the jelly recipe! If have extra lilikoi juice, freeze it in 1 – 2 cup containers and use later. You’ll be able to make lilikoi jelly all year. Also give the lilikoi bars a try. I made more today and they are delicious. Aloha! Kiyo

  26. Judy says:

    Hi Kiyo,,
    I am so hoping I can find the Goya frozen passion fruit pulp here in East Tennessee! My husband and I visited Kauai a little over a year ago and I fell in love with lilikoi jelly! I bought some and brought it home with us. I’ve been very selfish with it but I’m almost out! I’m starting my search for the pulp or juice but haven’t had any luck yet. But, I’m not giving up!!! I can’t wait to try your recipe and also the pepper jelly!
    Thank you,

    • Kiyo says:

      Aloha Judy! Thanks for your comment. Lilikoi jelly is delightful that’s for sure! If you are really in need of some, I’ll be happy to ship some of my homemade jelly to you. Otherwise I hope you find some Goya lilikoi products soooooon! Mahalo, Kiyo

      • Judy says:

        Thank you so much Kiyo! That is so sweet of you! I actually just found the Goya frozen pulp!! I’m going to get several packages of it so I can make several batches, when needed! I also found guava pulp and papaya pulp! I’m going to substitute the fruit in your recipe and see how guava jelly and papaya jelly will turn out! I’ll be sure to let you know!


        • Kiyo says:

          Hi Judy! Glad you found the Goya products. Please let me know how your jam/jelly turn out. Lots of people here make guava jam, it’s delicious. I don’t have guava growing in my yard so I haven’t tried it out yet. Looking forward to hearing about your canning project!

  27. Summer says:

    I made this and it is great! I used Goya brand frozen pulp in California. where can I buy it in Honolulu?

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Summer! I don’t live in Honolulu (I’m on Maui) but I would suggest checking out the local markets for fresh lilikoi. We grow our own but prior to that I bought lilikoi fruit at Mana Foods, a local market in Paia, Maui. I recall a small store on Oahu – Mercado de la raza that carries Goya products. Hope this helps!

  28. Pam says:

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I have a banana passionfruit vine that produces very well. I am trying this recipe now! The fruit I have has a softer thinner skin, but just as lovely fruit inside. I am so excited to find this because I did not want to leave the seeds in, and I bought a food mill to remove them. Just have not any experience with Jam making so needing some guidance. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    • Kiyo says:

      Hi Pam, I had never heard of a banana passionfruit before! It looks as though there is quite a bit of pulp in each fruit compared to our little round lilikoi (passion fruit). I’m curious to know if it has the same flavor as the passion fruit we grow in our garden. Let me know how your jelly turns out! It’s our favorite.

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