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San Francisco Dining 2013 ~ Part Two

August 7, 2013

San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers MarketFerry Plaza Farmers MarketThe Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco is one of the highlights of our trip.  Each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there is an overwhelming variety of  vendors offering fresh produce, cheese, smoked fish, pasta, honey, jams, bread, flowers: a dizzying array of gourmet and artisan foods and wares!

Ferry Plaza FM PicklesCheck out these fresh pickles!

BoccaloneAs you can see from their sign above right, they offer “tasty pig parts.”  Yum…

Cowgirl CreameryCowgirl Creamy has an encyclopedic selection of cheese.

Cowgirl Creamery 2

Cowgirl Creamery 3“That’s not a hunk of cheese, THIS is a hunk of cheese!” Apologies to Crocodile Dundee.

Acme Bread

Acme Bread 2There’s nothing better than fresh baked sourdough bread to go along with cheese and salty pig parts.

Wise SonsWise Sons Jewish Delicatessen sells superb sandwiches at Tuesday’s market.

Wise Sons Pastrami SandwichThe pastrami sandwich – tender, lean meat stacked high.  Good news for Wise Sons fans: they just opened another location at the Contemporary Jewish Museum which is mere steps away from our favorite hotel, the SF Marriott Marquis.

No matter what day you go, you’ll find all kinds of treats at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Saturday’s Farmers Market offers the largest selection of vendors but be prepared to fight the crowds, it’s jam packed!

Oola (Lunch)

OolaWe’ve been to Oola numerous times.  It’s usually our first meal in San Francisco after flying in from Hawaii. Oola serves dinner until 1:00 a.m. and since we don’t get to our hotel until 10:00 p.m. or later, it’s the perfect place for a late night meal.

Oola BarThis trip we decided to have lunch at Oola instead of dinner.  The service was very good, better than we experienced at dinner.  Maybe it was due to the restaurant not being as busy as it is during the evening.  In any case, our server was much more pleasant and accommodating than the servers we had at dinner.Oola WaterSimple touches such as this cool water pitcher make Oola a fun place to dine at.

Arugula Salad with Goat CheeseThe arugula salad with goat cheese was tasty and fresh though very sparse and not very exciting.  It seems they could have added some color to the dish, maybe some fresh beets would have brightened up the salad.

Oola Specials

Pasta SpecialThe Daily Special of “hand cut fettuccine with fava beans and pesto” was a beautiful and delicious dish.

Oola RibsI had to order the ribs again but this time I was disappointed.  They were overcooked and portions of the ribs were really dried out.  Such a shame!  We’re not sure if we’ll go back to Oola.  With sketchy service in the evening and inconsistent food we’ll have to think about this one.

Campanula (Dinner)

CampanulaCampanula is the sister restaurant of Frascati in Russian Hill.  As we enjoy Frascati so much, we decided to give it a try.

Fried OlivesWhat better way to start the evening than with fried olives?!

Campanula Mac & CheeseCampanula Mac & Cheese.

Artichoke SaladFresh artichoke salad.

Cheese toastBuratta on grilled bread.

Campanula PastaPasta with duck sugo (special of the evening).

RisottoBeautiful green herb risotto.

Braised Short RibsIt’s hard for me to ignore short ribs if they’re on a menu.  Campanula short ribs were fantastic!  Served with perfectly cooked vegetables, it was delicious.

The service was fine and the food was tasty and reasonably priced.  The restaurant decor was nondescript.  The table that we were seated at wasn’t the most desirable.  With a long list of favorite restaurants and so many new ones we’ve yet to try, we will probably not return to Campanula.

Sociale (Lunch)

SocialeSociale is one of our favorite restaurants, bar none. We’ve been there many times for lunch and for dinner.  It’s a very cute, quaint restaurant that offers outdoor seating when the weather is nice.

Sociale CaesarThe Caesar salad was delicious with a generous sprinkling of parmesan and the grilled bread that accompanied the salad was scrumptious.

Arugula & White Bean CrostiniThis arugula salad with white bean crostini is my favorite salad at Sociale.  The white beans are generously spread on tasty grilled sourdough bread.

BLTJohn had one of the specials of the day, a unique BLT.  The bacon was cooked perfectly and the smoky flavor of the bacon really made the sandwich stand out.

Sociale Duck PappardelleThe duck ragu pappardelle is a staple on their lunch and dinner menu and it certainly deserves the attention.  Fresh pasta and silky mushrooms with tender duck ragu, not too rich but totally satisfying.

Sociale is a lovely restaurant with exceptional service and food.  Open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday and dinner Monday through Saturday, go ahead and book a table. You won’t regret it.

Umami (Dinner)

UmamiThis was our second visit to Umami and once again the food was terrific, however the noise in the restaurant is truly unbearable.  This time we were seated upstairs next to a table of 6 people.  They were so loud that we asked our server to move us to another table across the room.  I can’t blame the people entirely,  the restaurant’s acoustics are inadequate, to say the least!

GyozaThe gyoza were very tasty and perfectly pan-fried; uniquely served with homemade kimchi as well the usual dipping sauce.

Veggie TempuraVegetable tempura was OK.   The batter was a bit on the thick side.

Ahi TacosAhi tacos were a hit! Double order next visit!

SushiAssorted, beautiful sushi.

sushi test

More sushi!

Sushi 3And even more sushi!!

Umami is a fun place to go to with a small group of friends.  The extensive menu has so many choices that everyone will be happy!

Alexander’s Steak House (Dinner)

Alexander's Steak HouseWe read about Alexander’s Steak House over the years and even walked by it once during our travels about town. This trip, John suggested we try it and wow!  We were blown away on how good it turned out to be.

Alexander's KitchenThey have a nice open kitchen which turned out to be very entertaining.  In a moment, you’ll see what I mean.

Hamchi ShootersThe hamachi shots were fantastic!

ScallopsDayboat scallop appetizer, perfectly seared!

PeppersHere’s a beautiful appetizer of fried peppers.

Garden SaladGarden salad.

Tomahawk Steak 2This is what I mean about the kitchen being entertaining.  We spotted these tomahawk steaks waiting to be served.  We have never seen anything like this before.  Steak lovers paradise!  Tomahawk chop for two is a 15 ounce dry aged rib eye steak.

NY SteakNew York Steak

CarrotsThis colorful carrot side dish was wonderful.

Baked PotatoOh my!  A baked potato “non plus ultra.”

FriesFrites were crispy and perfectly salted.

Alexander's FiletAlexander’s filet was the best we ever had.  Perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Cotton Candy

Alexander’s ends the evening by bringing each table a big fluffy ball of cotton candy!

We had a great time at Alexander’s Steak House.  The food, service and ambiance was spot on and we can’t wait to return.

Cafe Bunn Mi (Lunch)

Cafe Bunn MiLocated on Clement Street Cafe Bunn Mi is a tiny restaurant that serves tasty banh mi sandwiches.  A few tables inside with counter seating at the window and a few tables outside makes this a great place for a quick meal.

LemonadeHomemade lemonade.

Tofu Banh MiTofu banh mi

Pork Banh MiPork banh mi

I love banh mi.  The fresh French rolls stuffed with do chua pickles and lots of cilantro and a savory filling such as tofu or pork makes a wonderful and satisfying lunch.  I hear there are many places to find good banh mi in San Francisco so we will seek them out on our next visit however if we are in the area of Cafe Bunn Mi we will certainly stop by for one of their fantastic sandwiches.

Tartine Bakery (Lunch)

Tartine LineWaiting in line at Tartine Bakery (the world’s greatest bakery?  Yup!). We had to make the trek to Tartine because John is an artisan bread aficionado.  He makes his own and once he got a hold of Chad Robertson’s Tartine Bread book he was sold on the Tartine method.  Even though it’s off the beaten path, and you have to stand in a long line, we had to try it.

Tartine BakeryBakery sights while waiting in line.

Tartine Bakery 2The innards of Tartine Bakery from the outside window.Tartine PastryWe finally got in and caught a glimpse of the pastry display case.Tartine Pastry 2

Tartine Pastry 3

Tartine SandwichAfter some time in line we were finally able to order our panini and score one of the few small tables. This is the spicy turkey panini with broccoli rabe pesto.Tartine JambonJambon Royale. Royale indeed!Tartine Sandwich 2The pickled carrot was divine.  We asked if we could buy some but were told it was only available as a garnish in the bakery.

We waited in line for some time and struggled to find seating, it was raining so the meager outside seating was not available.  These are the best panini we have ever had because they are made with the world’s best bread and  finest fresh ingredients.  Despite the inconveniences it was worth it!

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San Francisco & Napa Valley Dining 2013 ~ Part One

August 2, 2013

SF steep hillA two week vacation in San Francisco filled with multiple meals of delightful food can easily result in a few unwanted pounds.  But there’s hope.  San Francisco is a walker’s city.  Whether it’s to your favorite restaurant or shop, up a steep San Francisco hill, walking definitely helps to alleviate that problem. It’s as if the city were designed for gourmands!

So begins our first week of dining out in San Francisco and Napa Valley.

Sanraku – Metreon & Sutter Street (Lunch)

Sanraku tempuraSanraku has two locations in downtown San Francisco, one at the newly renovated Metreon and the other on Sutter Street.  We’ve dined here many times, mostly at the Metreon location because it is located right across the street from our hotel.  Sanraku offers many selections, the prices are fair and the service is prompt.

Sanraku SushiThe sushi is fresh and tasty.  This California roll was part of a combination lunch.  All main course lunches include miso soup, rice and a salad.

Sanraku saladSanraku SaladSanraku sashimiMaguro Sashimi

Sanraku Sesame Chicken Sutter StreetSesame Chicken at Sanraku Sutter Street

Sanraku sesame chickenSesame Chicken at Metreon Location

I always order the sesame chicken plate but I have to say it wasn’t very good this past visit at the Metreon location.  The sauce tasted burnt and that ruined the dish.

I’m not sure if I will go back to Sanraku because there are so many other restaurants to try out.  And if I do go back, I will walk the longer distance to their Sutter street location where the food seems better prepared.

Seven Hills (Dinner)

Seven Hills dining roomSeven Hills is located in the Russian Hill neighborhood and is a charming restaurant with warm service. We waited 15 minutes for our table (with a reservation) and Alex who works the front of the house was extremely accommodating in getting our table ready as quickly as possible.

Seven Hills meatballsThe restaurant was dark so my photos are not the best, but hopefully they portray the delicious food we were served that evening such as the turkey meatballs and grilled bread appetizer above.

Bean & Arugula Salad with Fried ParmesanBean and arugula salad with fried parmesan.Ravioli uovoThis Raviolo Uovo is described on their menu as: Full Belly Farm egg yolk, house made ricotta cheese, spinach, brown butter and white truffle oil.  It was a rich and delicious appetizer.

Seven Hills ravioli with mushroomsTortelli with  Euvitis Wild Mushrooms – Brown butter, thyme and grated Pecorino cheese.

We enjoyed our dinner at Seven Hills.  The food was very good with reasonable prices and the service was excellent.  Reservations are highly recommended as seating is extremely limited and the bar only seats about 4 people.

Cotogna – Jackson Square (Lunch)

Cotogna FocacciaCotogna serves rustic Italian cuisine and is the sister restaurant to Michael Tusk’s Quince restaurant located next door.  It’s extremely popular and advance reservations are required if you want a table, otherwise they offer bar and a communal table seating for walk ins.

Cotogna Zuckerman Farms AsparagusZuckerman’s Farm fresh asparagus salad with walnuts and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Cotogna Artichoke SaladAsparagus salad with sunflower seeds and aioli.

Cotogna HalibutHalibut with Meyer lemon and pistachios.

Cotogna RavioliGreen pea ravioli.

Cotogna Pizza 2Sausage, Ramps and Pecorino pizza.

Lunch at Cotogna was superb.  Everything we ordered was prepared perfectly.  It’s a bit of a splurge for lunch but we felt it was worth it and would definitely go back.

Napa Valley MarriottA few days at the Napa Valley Marriott was just what we needed.  Relaxing by the pool then taking a leisurely drive to St. Helena and stopping in at Dean & DeLuca and the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone made for a perfect afternoon.

Dean & DelucaDean & DeLuca, St. Helena

Culinary Institute of America at GreystoneThe Culinary Institute of America at Greystone

Redd Wood – Yountville (Lunch)

Redd Wood signWe had lunch at Redd Wood in the summer of 2012 and we were hooked.  Richard Reddington also owns Redd Restaurant in Yountville.  Redd Wood is more casual and offers fantastic pizzas, salads, pasta and terrific daily specials.  So we returned this May for two more really fine meals.

Redd Wood barRedd Wood has a snazzy bar!

Redd Wood Marinated Warm OlivesMarinated Warm OlivesRedd Wood chopped saladThis simple chopped salad was very satisfying with its tangy dressing and al dente ceci beans.  Only after I had finished it did I realize the olives mentioned in the description were no where to be found.

Redd Wood Sausage PizzaI asked about their tasty pizza sauce and was told by the chef that they use San Marzano tomatoes, process them in a food mill and reduce the sauce and season it with just salt and pepper.  Once I returned home I followed their directions and now I’m sold on this simple and fresh tasting sauce.

Redd Wood burgerJohn can’t pass up a burger, which was one of the specials of the day.  Just looking at that brioche bun reminds me of how delicious it was.  The meat was seasoned and cooked to perfection.  The frites were equally as good.

Redd Wood – Yountville (Dinner)

Redd Wood InteriorLunch was so good we returned to Redd Wood for dinner on the same weekend.  A few appetizers, pizzas and the best roasted chicken I have ever had, confirmed our judgement that Redd Wood is one of the top restaurants in  Napa Valley.

Redd Wood Fritto MistoFritto Misto was a good way to start the evening.  In addition to calamari, there was zucchini, artichoke and spiced ceci beans served with homemade aioli.

Redd Wood Meatballs A particularly delicious appetizer was meatballs and grilled bread.

Redd Wood Sausage PizzaThis sausage and mushroom pizza with peppers and fried egg was memorable.

Redd Wood Potato Bacon PizzaAnother tasty pizza with potatoes and smoked bacon.

Redd Wood Roast ChickenI love roasted chicken and if I see it on a menu I am always tempted to order it.  I’ve had outstanding roasted chicken and some forgettable roasted chicken.  Redd Wood’s roasted chicken was the best I ever had, bar none.  The crispy, well seasoned skin was hard to pass up and the meat on both the breast and thigh were so moist and flavorful. Served with farro and vegetables and a poached egg (!) it was a meal I shall never forget.

Redd Wood is one of our favorite restaurants.  Whether you are there for lunch or dinner (they also serve breakfast) you will be very happy indeed.

Redd ~ Yountville (Lunch)

Redd MenuRedd is Richard Reddington’s original Yountville restaurant serving lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch. Four of us decided to try lunch on this visit to Napa Valley.

Smoked Trout SaladA beautiful salad of spinach and endive with crispy and colorful beet chips served with a smoked trout crostini.

Redd Ahi & Hamachi Tartare with Fried RiceYellow fin tuna and hamachi tartare with avocado and “fried rice.”  One word describes this appetizer “divine!”Hamachi SashimiHamachi sashimi with edamame with a refreshing lime ginger sauce.

ScallopsPan seared scallops served with cauliflower puree. Magnificent!

Prime NY Steak SandwichPrime New York steak sandwich.

Redd Duck ConfitIt’s not often that you’ll find duck confit on a menu.  And when you do find it, what a treat it is.  Redd’s duck confit with lentils and poached egg was the highlight of my entire trip.

Pork BunsThese pork buns were unbelievably delicious.  Note to self: double order next visit.

We all raved about our meal at Redd.  The restaurant was immaculate as was the service, and the food was out of this world.

Gott’s Roadside ~ Napa (Lunch)

GottsWe were in the mood for a casual, order at the counter meal and what fit the bill better than a hamburger and fries?

Gotts BurgerMy burger with pickles, tomato and “secret” sauce.

Gotts FriesThe fries were hot, crispy and salty.

Gotts Fries and Sweet PotatoesWe were the beneficiaries of an order taker mistake and received sweet potato fries in addition to the regular fries we ordered. They were tasty but we preferred the regular fries.

Gotts Cheese BurgerCheese burger.

Gotts Burger BiteWe were satisfied with our quick, unfussy lunch at Gott’s.  Looking forward to another visit for a juicy, grilled burger with all the right accompaniments.

Botega ~ Yountville (Dinner)

BottegaMichael Chiarello’s Bottega is very popular, reservations are a must. We dined here twice before on other visits and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner so we returned again this summer.

Bottega BarReception and bar at Bottega.

Bottega PlateThe restaurant is fairly large with seating at the bar, outside on the patio and inside where there are two separate dining rooms.  We were seated at a cozy table in the dining room that is surrounded by glass windows.

Bottega Green Eggs & HamGreen eggs and ham!  This appetizer is a unique, beautiful combination.  A soft boiled egg, deep fried with a crispy coating served with pancetta wrapped asparagus.

Shaved Brussel Sprout SaladShaved Brussels sprout salad with sieved egg and marcona almonds.  Who knew Brussels sprouts could be so delectable.

Iberian PorkIberian pork with roasted potatoes.  Our server told us this pork was similar to beef and so it was. Unfortunately it came to our table luke warm if that.  Maybe it was due to the pork being sliced in advance and it didn’t make it to our table quick enough.  In any case, we sent it back and they returned promptly with a new order at the correct temperature and it was a real treat!

Bottega Braised and Smoked Short RibBraised and smoked short rib.  You can always find this popular dish on their menu.

Bottega Delfina PotatoesDelfina Potaotes. Yum!!Braised Smoked Short Rib 2  Overall, the food is excellent at Bottega. We enjoyed three dinners there over the last couple of years and we would not hesitate to return (especially if the smoked and braised short rib remains on the menu!).


Upcountry Farmers Market Maui

April 15, 2013

Island WheatgrassMy friend Rho and I took a drive this Saturday to the Upcountry Farmers Market.  Though the air was voggy and the Kona weather was upon us, there was no rain which made for a nice trip Upcountry.  The farmers market operates on Saturdays from 7am – 12pm so it’s good idea to get there early for the best selection of produce and other goodies that are offered.

farmers market

Upcountry Farmer's Market

Slow Food Maui

Maui FritesBreadfruit, taro and potato frites.

Edible BouquetIsn’t this bouquet of greens gorgeous?  Once I returned home I untied the bouquet to see what was inside.

Edible Bouquet 2 Kale, Swiss chard, baby bok choy, tender lettuce leaves, mizuna, Italian parsley, purple basil, edible flowers and more.

Assorted GreensI finely chopped some of the greens and quickly sautéed them in a bit of Earth Balance Buttery Spread, sprinkled the greens with a sea salt flakes, freshly ground pepper and a drizzle of lemon juice.  This, along with brown rice and mock chicken tofu, was my Saturday night vegan dinner.  It was simply delicious.

Maui HoneyBesides an abundance of beautiful produce there are plants, flowers, honey, baked goods, food stands, fresh pasta and more.  And, if you feel the need to relax, there is massage available too.

Food stop


Kula StrawberriesThese locally grown strawberries were perfectly ripe.  I wish I had bought more than one basket.

Fresh Maui PastaStrolling along I found this table with fresh pasta and ravioli.  After speaking to Ron the owner of Maui Pasta Company, I was happy to find his pastas are available in a store near my home (this farmers market is a long drive from where I live).

Maui PastaI was all set for my Sunday lunch. Basil pasta with homemade tomato sauce and a spring lettuce salad with greens that came from the market and home-grown tomatoes along with John’s excellent sourdough bread spread with Maui Raw Gourmets vegan cultured macadamia nut cheese (kalamata olive & cherry wood balsamic).  The pasta had a pleasant texture and subtle basil flavor that went well with the tomato sauce and sprinkling of  parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Spring Lettuce Salad

Macadamia Nut Cheese

Plants for sale Vendor table optional!

Protea Fresh cut protea flowers.

Kula ViewThe vendors at the market are very friendly and eager to share their stories with you.  With all the beautiful produce and unique products not found at other markets I will definitely make the drive to the Upcountry Farmers Market again, coolers filled with ice packs ready for the journey home.


Stage Restaurant ~ Honolulu

March 16, 2013

StageConveniently located on Kapiolani Boulevard with plenty of complimentary parking, Stage is one of our favorite restaurants.  Situated on the 2nd level of the Honolulu Design Center’s Inspiration showroom.  Stage is one of a kind. You first pass through the Amuse Wine Bar (a terrific concept bar, with dozens of wines available via special dispensing units). You then enter Stage’s full service cocktail lounge where you are greeted by their gracious hostess. Stage Entrance

Stage Dining Room The decor in the restaurant is unique as you’ll notice in the accompanying pictures.  No two dining tables are the same and gorgeous light fixtures hang from above.  The comfortably large tables are placed well apart affording each party some intimacy not found in many restaurants.

Stage Large Party As you enter the restaurant you can’t help but notice this gorgeous table set beautifully for large parties.

Seared Ahi at StageThis seared ahi appetizer was a special on their menu the night we dined there.  I hope they will consider adding it as a regular appetizer.  Beautiful, fresh fish.

Stage House SaladStage House salad.

Stage CalamariTogarashi spiced calamari.

Stage Ahi PokeStage ahi poke with avocado is one of their best appetizers.

Stage Beet & Goat Cheese SaladBeet, tomato and goat cheese salad with marcona almonds.

Beef Wellington at StageBeef Wellington with sake braised spinach and red wine truffle demi glace.

The only thing I wish they would improve on are the purees they serve with many of their main courses. Some come with potato puree or parsley potato puree.  The portion is tiny and almost seems like a garnish rather than part of the meal. It’s spread very thinly on the plate and by the time your meal arrives the puree is not very hot.

Duck at StageThis was a special duck entrée offered the night we dined at Stage.

Flat Iron Steak at StageGrilled flat-iron steak with watercress, enoki and shiitake mushrooms, hasu (lotus root), served with scallion puree and ponzu sauce.

Stage Lamb ChopMarcona almond-honey mustard glazed lamb chop with veal demi glace.

Stage Kitchen StaffStage offers a complete dining experience. The menu and wine list are superb as is the service. And, of course, the captivating decor is the icing on the cake!

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Sushi Paradise ~ Maui

January 4, 2013

Spicy SalmonChef Watanabe-san at Sushi Paradise makes the finest sushi on Maui.  Sushi Paradise is  a tiny restaurant with just a few tables in the dining room and few seats at the sushi bar.  He is a one-man operation.  On the night we dined there, a couple who didn’t have a reservation strolled in and luckily found two seats at the sushi bar.  The server let them know they would be waiting at least a half hour before their sushi order arrived. They placed their order left to do some shopping at the stores in the complex and promptly returned in time for their sushi order to be placed in front of them!  Now that’s what I call making good use of your time.

EdamameEdamame is always a tasty way to start the evening.  Place your sushi order and nibble on these salty pods with your cold beer or sake.

California RollCalifornia Roll.

ToroToro. Sublime!

Shrimp Tempura Roll Shrimp tempura roll.

Seared SalmonSeared salmon lightly wrapped with a pat of rice and topped with finely grated toppings served with ponzu sauce.

Spicy ScallopSpicy scallop roll.

Maguro & HamachiMaguro and Hamachi.

Veggie RollThis veggie roll is the best I ever tasted.  Crunchy ingredients perfectly wrapped in creamy avocado slices.

Watanabe-san at Sushi Paradise makes some of the best sushi we have ever eaten and he does not compromise by serving mediocre ingredients to his customers. Everything we ordered was fresh and delicious and of the best quality imaginable.  Simple touches such as ground sesame seeds on the takuan pickles makes this place special. If you love sushi, as we do, you will find no finer than at Sushi Paradise!


Restaurant Review ~ 53 By The Sea

November 5, 2012

53 By The Sea is a new Italian restaurant that took over the site of the former John Dominis restaurant in Kakaako.  The restaurant has been transformed into a gorgeous space offering ocean front dining.  The water is literally steps away from the restaurant and diners are able to walk outside to take photos of the ocean with Diamond Head in the background.  The main dining room is on the ground level, however there is an impressive staircase that leads up to a second level with private function space.

Ocean views with Diamond Head in the background.

The restaurant has a beautiful and lavishly stocked bar. Live piano music is featured during dinner.

Executive Chef Hiroshi Hayakawa trained in southern Italy and his menu offers a number  of fresh pastas, seafoods, meats and a chicken cutlet that’s pounded as thin as paper, a beautiful presentation.  It was a pleasant surprise that they offer a nice selection of antipasti with your lunch entrée.  It is served table side by your waiter from an elegant cart.

Fresh pasta with house-made Italian sausage and tomato sauce, perfectly cooked.

My sister ordered the chicken cutlet with parmesan.  Quite delicious and what a beautiful presentation!

My husband ordered the veal Marsala.  It was just as beautiful and tasty as the chicken cutlet.

Another surprise was the complimentary dessert, chocolate cake or fruit with sorbet.

53 By The Sea was a real treat and a welcome addition to the island dining scene.  We’re looking forward to having dinner here on our next visit.


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