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Lilikoi Flowers in Bloom

October 14, 2013

Lilikoi FlowerI was in the garden mid-morning yesterday checking out our first lilikoi fruits that are gracefully hanging from the vines.  There were many flowers that hadn’t opened up yet so I went back to check on them at 3:00 p.m. Wow!  The flowers had opened up and I was able to take a few photos of these gorgeous Passion Flowers.

Lilikoi top view

Green LilikoiBeautiful lilikoi fruit.

Lilikoi tendril

Lilikoi tendril fenceThe tendrils grab on to anything they can reach.  We found one attached to one of our mango tree branches so we quickly put an end to that!  We’ll have to keep an eye on these  feisty tendrils.

Lilikoi  & BeeLook closely and you will see the large carpenter bee on the left of the flower.  We used to call these bumble bees however I found they are actually carpenter bees.  I read they were purposely introduced into other Pacific islands for the purpose of passion fruit (lilikoi) pollination.  Well they were certainly having the time of their life.

Lilikoi FlowersLilikoi jellly, lilikoi bars, lilikoi margarita?

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Garden Pics

September 24, 2013

Big Beef ClusterI took this photo a little while back when the Big Beefs were in full bloom.

Big Beef RipeningHere’s a Big Beef ripening in the Maui sunshine.

Brown AnoleYikes!  These Brown Anole lizards are everywhere these days.  They scurry around in the garden jumping from one herb to another.  They quickly run for cover when they see you but I was able to get pretty close to this guy.

Marjoram FlowersMarjoram has a delicate floral aroma and goes exceptionally well in Braised Cannellini Beans in olive oil.  They are beautiful cut and placed in a slender vase for your windowsill.

Baby Arugula 2Arugula grows so easily, and fast.  I love its rich, peppery flavor.  Give this arugula salad a try.

Papaya FlowerBeautiful Sunset papaya flower.  This particular papaya has a salmon-pink flesh and is sweet as can be.  This papaya tree is “low bearing.”  What this means is that the fruit develops lower on the stalk than the typical Solo Papaya.

Baby Papayas Baby Sunset Papayas.

John and Mango Tree John under our huge White Pirie Mango tree!

McChicken“McChicken” has been living the good life across the street from us for years, keeping the neighborhood bugs at bay.  We once saw “McChicken” gobble down a 6 inch centipede!

AvosGreen Gold avocados.  Waiting patiently…

Fresh TomatoesHome grown tomatoes can’t be beat.  Slice and drizzle with good extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with coarse sea salt, freshly ground pepper and feta cheese.

Tomato Slices

Hawaiian Chili Pepper 2Hawaiian Chili Pepper.  A popular condiment in Hawaii – Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water.



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