Pickled Mango

Pickled Mango with Dried Plums Many of the world’s cultures have their own version of pickled mango.  In India they often use chiles, fenugreek and mustard seeds for a spicy pickled mango side dish.  Vietnamese- style pickled mango may include Thai chiles.  Here in Hawaii we make a brine of vinegar, sugar and salt and sometimes dried plums are added.

Green Mangoes A few weeks ago strong trade winds knocked off a number of our White Pirie and Rapoza mangoes.  This could have been a tragedy, given how tasty these mangoes are when perfectly ripe.  So bucket in hand, I gathered up the fallen green mangoes and made a small batch of  pickled mango. All of my Maui friends love pickled mango!

Young Green Mango The seed of this green Rapoza mango is small and soft which makes it very easy to cut the mango into slices. This particular mango is all fruit and little seed.

Peeled Green Mangoes

Hawaiian Salt

Dried Seedless Plums Adding dried plums to the pickled mango is not essential however I usually include them.  They soak up all the tasty brine and add that extra “umami” flavor we all love.

Li Hing Mui plums

Pickled Mango with Li Hing Mui

Pickled Mangoes

Pickled Mango

Makes about 11 cups


6 – 7 pounds green mangoes

2 1/2 cups white vinegar

3 cups filtered water

2 1/2 cups sugar

3 tablespoons Hawaiian salt or kosher salt

1/2 – 1 teaspoon li hing mui powder (optional)

20 li hing mui plum seed or dried seedless plums (optional)


Combine vinegar, water, sugar, and Hawaiian salt in a 3-quart pot.  Bring to a simmer, stirring until the sugar and salt are fully dissolved.  If using li hing mui powder, add it now and stir to combine.  Remove from the heat and let mixture cool to room temperature.

Peel mangoes and cut fruit away from the seed.  Slice into strips about 1/3-inch thick.  Place cut mangoes in a large bowl.  Add enough liquid to cover the mangoes.  Give it a stir, add dried plums/li hing mui if using.  Cover the bowl and refrigerate overnight, stirring occasionally.  The pickled mango tastes best after it has marinated for a few days in the delicious sweet-tart brine.  Pack in individual containers and store in the refrigerator.  Give them away as gifts, your friends will be forever grateful.




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8 Responses to Pickled Mango

  1. It is interesting how so many countries have their own version of this dish. Yours looks incredible, especially with the delicious plums. I saw that the li hing mui powder is actually made from the seeds of dried plums. How ono! I can see your pickled mango sprinkled with a bit of dried chili powder from your garden (or New Mexico!), in the Mexican style, as well. Beautiful dish, Kiyo; thanks for sharing another winning recipe.

    • Kiyo says:

      Shanna I like your idea of sprinkling a bit chili powder over the mangoes. I will try it for my afternoon snack!

  2. Susie says:

    I really appreciate you taking the extra time to post pictures, especially the mangos before they’re cut. I made my first batch before I found your recipe and the mangos are I think too soft after being in the brine. I was expecting them to be crunchy. The recipe I used did say to use green mangos, but I thought those wouldn’t have much of a flavor, so I picked the mangos that had just a hint of orange, so that’s probably why they’re too soft. Now I see in your pics that the mangos should be Green Green! Thank you!

    • Kiyo says:

      Aloha Susie ~ Every now and then I peel a green mango that turns out to have a hint of orange color instead of whitish/green color. If it’s still firm I use it! I try to pick the smaller mangos that aren’t mature yet. I hope you have another chance to try a pickled mango recipe. I still have some in my refrigerator from the last batch I made 2 months ago. They are a wonderful afternoon snack! Mahalo!

      • Susie says:

        Hi Kiyo. Thank you for your quick response! Yes, I still have an opportunity to make more. I still have some unripe ones on my tree. How long can they go without refrigeration? I’m interested in sending some to my mom by priority mail, so it would take about 1 day.

        • Kiyo says:

          Hi Susie ~ I refrigerate my pickled mango as soon as I pack them into jars however I saw this article that mentions they leave the pickled mango out for 24 hours then place in the refrigerator. Most other recipes I’ve come across refrigerate the pickles right away. Maybe you could use FedEx since they deliver over night. Priority mail sometimes takes up to 3 days (too long)! Here is the article I found: http://www.honolulumagazine.com/Honolulu-Magazine/May-2006/Savoring-Pickled-Mango/

          • Susie says:

            Hi Kiyo. Thank you again for your reply and helpful suggestion. All the recipes I found says to refrigerate right away too after mixing the mangos in, so I’m happy to see the recipe you sent to me. I can take advantage of the 24 hours and have it shipped then! Thanks again.

  3. Kiyo says:

    Susie, good luck! Let me know if your pickled mango makes it safely to your mom. Aloha from Maui!

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